We’re A Nation Hungry For More Joy: Because We are Starving From a Lack of Gratitude

Kristen Welch | 9/22/2019 | Kristen
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I pulled out a pen and tore off a fresh sheet of paper. I numbered the page and titled my list “The Last Two Weeks” and then I furiously began writing. My husband leaned over in the middle of church and whispered, “What are you doing?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and I whispered back, “I’m writing down all the major things that have gone wrong in the last two weeks.” I was on number 14 and the list varied from shipping disasters at Mercy House to serious medical issues.”

Honey… - Activity - Column - Opposite - List

“Honey…” he said, but before he could comment on my unhealthy activity, I pointed to the column opposite of the very long list of problems that said, “Gratitude.” For every problem, I was writing down a praise.

A single tear fell down my cheek as I whispered, “I’m trying to find the good in the bad.” He patted my back and I kept writing.

Weeks - Gratitude - Perspective

He knew just how difficult the past few weeks had been and he knew how desperately I needed gratitude to change my perspective.

Earlier in the month, I caved and paid to get the entire list of my strengths based on the Strengths Finder test I took this time last year. I mentioned in a podcast that I liked this assessment tool because it takes a positive approach to how God made us. I felt good about myself after I took it, but I was curious about what my last few strengths might be because the last handful in a list of 34 are probably a realistic look at your weaknesses.

Abundance - Right

I mean you don’t exactly have #33 in abundance right?

Any guesses to what my 33rd strength is on a list of 34? Positivity.


I laughed when I read it because it makes perfect sense. I have always called myself a...
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