The Beauty of Becoming Less

(in)courage | 9/21/2019 | Tami
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It only took a quick glance at Instagram for my heart to sink. An acquaintance had launched a new ministry, a needed and beautiful ministry. And in record time, it grew beyond everyone’s expectations. She was thriving, serving, and Jesus was changing lives in the process. But rather than a heart of celebration, I felt a twinge of defeat. After all, I have a new book releasing in less than two months — how in the world would I get similar results?

I’d like to think I’m beyond the comparison game, that I’ve grown up enough not to waste time counting toys and comparing successes. But a few moments on social media forced me to face the truth:


I still have some work to do.

It’s hard to admit it, but some days it doesn’t take much — the story of another’s wildly successful ministry, the image of a friend’s beautifully perfect family — for me to start cataloguing my achievements (or lack there of). Without realizing it, I stack them up against those of friends and strangers alike, and somehow I always end up with a bitter case of lack.

Book - John - Story - John - Baptist

In the book of John sits a story of John the Baptist. From birth, John was set apart for a special purpose, a divine purpose. His parents knew at his conception that God had placed His hand on John’s life, calling him to be the forerunner to the Messiah, to live a life removed and set apart as he prepared God’s people for the promised Christ.

John had an important job, an admirable job. And one that came with outward signs of success. People flocked to hear him preach and have him baptize. He was making a difference, and everyone knew it.

Jesus - Blink - Eye - John

But then Jesus showed up. And in the blink of an eye, John’s...
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