‘The Golden Glove’ Review: One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killer Movies In Decades [Fantastic Fest 2019]

/Film | 9/20/2019 | Chris Evangelista
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Fatih Akin‘s The Golden Glove is the rawest, most real, and most brutal serial killer movie since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Unflinchingly gruesome, and covered in a thick layer of grime, Akin’s film tells the true story of Fritz Honka, a murderer who stalked 1970s Hamburg, preying on the weak, the old, and the destitute. Honka was able to easily navigate amongst the downtrodden because he was one of them himself – a physically unappealing loner with a serious drinking problem. The Golden Glove has seemingly taken Honka’s inner and outer ugliness and projected it large on the screen. Buried under gruesome makeup, actor Jonas Dassler transforms into Honka, creating one of cinema’s most repulsive-yet-fascinating characters.

The Golden Glove doesn’t hide its intentions. The opening moments are set in the tiny, filthy attic flat that Fritz Honk occupies. Akin’s camera hangs back, watching Honka climb onto a grungy bed where rests the corpse of a woman. Honka frantically attempts to stuff the dead body into a trash bag, and the scene is so raw and real that we can literally see the sweat begin to form on the back of Honka’s shirt as he exerts himself. After this matter of body disposal fails to go as planned, Honka takes another approach: dismemberment. He disposes of most of the body parts – but hangs on to a few others, stuffing them away in a crawl space.

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From here, The Golden Glove tracks Honka’s gruesome life. He dips in and out of one miserable location to the next, most often frequenting the dive bar the Golden Glove, where every patron is a withered, weathered lost soul. People drink, and drink, and drink. These are not casual, social drinkers. These are alcoholics who drink themselves into oblivion, to the point where they pass...
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