1619, Slavery, the Founding, and All That

The Aquila Report | 9/19/2019 | Staff
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The New York Times, from any proper and true understanding of history as well as of racism, has just presented us with de facto racist history, a history based solely on race and racism. Additionally, The New York Times claiming any originality in this observation is simply ridiculous; racism has been the cry of the Left since the 1960s, and race has been its currency.

For nearly fifty years, we have taught American children that the three greatest determinants in history are race, class, and gender. Virtue is scoffed at; “Great Men” are mocked; and free will is ignored. Should we be shocked—do we even have the right to be shocked—that our press, our culture, and our educators are obsessed with race? In every way, we are a far more racist society than we were in, say, 1989. Everything evil we now call “racist,” whether the thing is actually racist or not. Racist has come to be synonymous with evil and wrongdoing. Aside from the fact that this severely diminishes and attenuates the true challenges to true racism, it is also demonstrably false, especially in regard to our history as an American people.

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Last month, one of our nation’s two most respected papers, The New York Times, launched an initiative about… wait for it… wait for it… racism, finding its origins, at least chronologically, in the arrival and sale of the first persons from Africa in August 1619. Here is its own explanation.

The 1619...
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