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frame-poythress.org | 9/16/2019 | Vern Poythress
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Genesis 1–3 is an account of things that happened in time and space—so it’s a reality of what we might call nonfiction or historical. But it’s actual things, not made-up things, that God did that you could have seen if you were around. But, we weren’t around. The Scripture is not simply pointing to the facts but it’s also showing their significance in the plan of God—showing us who God is and what kind of God he is.

That was a real issue in the Ancient Near East because there was vast confusion with people worshipping all kinds of minor gods, finite gods, gods that aren’t real gods. So God telling us who he is is really significant. It has become significant again even in the modern world because many people don’t believe in the God of the Bible. They may believe in some kind of spiritual force or some kind of being that they call “God” but who is not the God of the Bible. So it’s really important that we reckon with who God is.

Theology - Events - Time - Space - Theology

So, there’s theology as well as actual events in time and space. The primary theology in Genesis 1 is partly explaining who God is but also then who human beings are. So Adam and Eve are created, and then in Genesis 3, there are the first sins against God. That’s really significant in telling us why the world is not altogether good now. There’s been corruption—in the human heart—but then also in the world around us. So all of those things are partly theological, but they depend on real events.

So we’ve got events—what you might call history. We’ve got theology in terms of the meaning of history. We’ve also got literary...
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