A Dialog with a Critic: Athens Without Jerusalem (Guest Voice: Jeff WIlliams)

Eidos | 8/24/2019 | Staff
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On occasion one meets a critic who is thoughtful and argues an old idea in a new or interesting way. In the past, I have asked people with perspectives different than my own to present ideas and have then responded. This is an uncivil age and since “loving your enemies” is a core Christian value, and it is impossible to love people with whom you have no dialog, I enjoy such opportunities.

Since my passion is teaching Greek, Roman, and Christian thinkers, I welcome a challenge to the idea that Christianity is an important part of the DNA of what is sometimes called “the West*.” Such critics allow me to examine my own bias and assumptions.

Jeff - Williams - Critic - University - Chicago

Jeff Williams is one such critic. A University of Chicago grad, he agreed to present his argument and I post it here unedited (except for some formatting and the title). While I do not agree, quite strongly disagree, the ideas are common enough in parts of the academy, especially more secular “Great Books” or dialectical programs that the engagement is worthwhile. If the ideas, like secular dialectical education, is more rare than it used to be, I have still benefited from reading or being taught by those influenced by this position.

I will allow the post to stand without immediate rebuttal, which I think fair to the flow of his argument, and will respond separately after taking time to consider the argument and will link when this is done. Otherwise this post will stand as written even after my rebuttal. I appreciate Mr. WIlliams agreeing to participate. Mr. Williams:

Claim - West - Pillars - Greece - Jerusalem

I reject the claim that the west was founded on the two pillars of Greece and Jerusalem but rather stems directly from the single pillar beginning with Thales of Miletus around 500 BC and developed for the next 700...
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