Molecular Geneticist: Faith and Evolution Are at Odds, but Not Faith and Science

ChurchLeaders | 8/21/2019 | Staff (Posted by) Level 3
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Christianity is reasonable, says Dr. Georgia Purdom, who has a PhD in molecular genetics and is a Christian. In a recent interview, Purdom emphasized that Christianity and science are compatible, and she warned Christians to consider the theological consequences of trying to reconcile evolution with the teachings of the Bible.

“One of the things I want to help people try to understand is that Christians have a reasoned faith. I think a lot of people characterize Christians as having a blind faith,” said Dr. Purdom, speaking to Billy Hallowell on PureFlix’s “Answering Atheists.”

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Hallowell began the interview by mentioning that people often object to Christianity on the grounds that it requires faith and is therefore not compatible with science, which is based on logic and reason. The implication is that Christians have to be intellectually dishonest in order to believe in God. Purdom, who is a creationist, countered by saying that the way the Bible presents the world is supported, not contradicted, by what science tells us.

For example, said Purdom, because the Bible presents human beings and chimpanzees as separate species, this is what we should expect to find science saying. One of the arguments people sometimes bring up against this idea is that chimps and humans share a great deal of the same DNA, with there being only a one or two percent difference. But, said Purdom, that is only true if you examine certain parts of the DNA. If you look at DNA as a whole, “The most recent studies say we’re about 20 percent different.”

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This amount of difference is too much for evolution to account for in its proposed timeframe. And even apart from that, said Purdom, “Mutations don’t change one kind of organism into another, no matter how much time you give it.” What mutations...
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