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The Rush Limbaugh Show | 8/19/2019 | George Prayias
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RUSH: Now, look, I’m gonna move on from this 1619 business. I’m not kidding. I hate talking about the New York Times. I hate citing things from the New York Times, because they’re not news anymore! And I resent the fact that they’re so damned important. They’re not news anymore. They’ve lost, they’re gone. There is no journalism in Drive-By Media today.

I mean, real journalism. Journalism at its root is telling people what happens someplace. What’s going on there that people not there to see themselves. You boil it down to its bear essence, and that’s what it is. And you do that without bias and you do that with as much objectivity as you can master. Of course, we know that doesn’t exist anymore.

New - York - Times - Project - America

But now the New York Times has evolved a project to reframe America’s founding to blow up the history of America and to basically lead an effort to convince Americans that their country is not great, that it is not exceptional because everything that has happened that is good in this country has happened on the backs of slaves.

Now, when I get into things like this, I always get emails from people who try to give me information to rebut the premise I’m making. So if we’re talking about slavery and America, whenever I bring this up, I get email, “Hey, Rush, there’s still slavery in Africa.” Let me take a brief point here, and then I got another one here. “Is this true of the founding of Canada, Rush? They only got rid of slavery a couple decades before us. How about Cuba and Mexico and all the rest of the nations in the western hemisphere? Have you ever looked at the slave trade map and seen Brazil?”

Point - Folks

That’s not the point, folks. To deal with...
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