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Looking at a shelf full of handgun ammunition can feel like a cryptic message — .45 ACP 200-grain SWC, 9mm PARA 115-grain HAP, .357 Mag 158-grain HP+P, FMJ, LRN, FMJ just to name a few. Knowing what to look for can change the quality of accuracy and firearm function.

Firearms companies, like the military, employ acronyms and abbreviations as descriptors to fit on boxes. With so many different calibers, bullet styles and load combinations, it can boggle the mind. What is necessary for home protection? At, we can help with that enigma stigma of ammunition to help maximize handgun potential.

Long - Rifle - Rimfire - Forms - Smokeless

The .22 Long Rifle rimfire is one of the earliest forms of self-contained smokeless cartridges. One of the oldest cartridge options, it was developed by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company in 1887. This simple little cartridge has been the jumping platform into the shooting sports for many.

Design-wise, the rimfire’s priming compound sits in a minuscule space in the interior rim of the cartridge. When the hammer or firing pin strikes the edge of the rim, it crushes the rim and ignites the compound. This results in the firing of the powder charge. Bullet options for the .22 LR are varied with uncoated lead, copper-coated lead and hollow point variations. Bullet weights start at 20 grains up to 60 grains in the subsonic.

Small - Brings - Velocity - Recoil - Muzzle

Small and affordable, rimfire brings with it low velocity, low recoil and low muzzle report making it a great option for new shooters. Highly regarded as a competitive cartridge, it is used in national, international and Olympic competitions.

Aguila Ammunition offers a neat little take on the .22 LR platform with a round called the Colibri. With a snail’s pace velocity of 420 feet-per-second, it works well for stealthy dispatch of bird feeder burglars. Other .22 LR options are subsonic...
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