Trump Triples Down! Makes Anti-Americans the Face of the Democrat Party

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 7/15/2019 | George Prayias
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RUSH:. Classic Trump at the White House moments ago. We’re rolling the audio off and we’ll have it ASAP. And he was being cheered by the audience. The only people not cheering were the Drive-By Media reporters who were there. And he made the point. There no racism in these tweets. I didn’t say a thing about that. These people hate America.

Now, Ilhan Omar and some of these others that are in the Squad, what their defense is, “We do not hate America. We are trying to improve America. We are we are trying to perfect America,” which is an absolute crock. In the case of Ilhan Omar, she’s from Somalia. She hates Jews. She hates Israel. The United States, in her world, is the number one enabler of Israel. She despises Israel, therefore, we have a big problem, the United States has a big problem.

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But these people on the left, they cover for themselves by saying, “We don’t hate America. We are trying to improve America for everybody. We’re a gigantic melting pot. There’s nobody native to America.” They are distorting the entire concept of what it means to be an American. They want people to think — that’s why they don’t want any borders. Anybody who gets here is an American, because, you see, American citizenship, the concept of being an American is not related to being an American at all. It’s related to residency. If you’re here, you’re an American. You could be a communist American; you could be a totalitarian socialist American. That’s not what America is.

America’s not socialist. America’s not communist. America’s not totalitarian. America is entirely exceptional to every other system of government that there has ever been devised by human beings. They’re trying to tear that down. And they call that perfecting the...
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