Setting the 666 Agenda With Music | 2/26/2013 | The Ignorant Fishermen
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The youth of any particular generation love to imitate and follow the world's godless performers in their different eras; these tools of Lucifer are cleverly marketed and sold as goods to the youth of this world. From Benny Goodman and Frank Sinatra to Elvis and the Beatles, from Led Zeppelin to Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana to Marylyn Manson, from Madonna to Beyonce etc., these have all been used to sell a bill of demonic goods for patterns to live out reprobate (ungodly) lives here in time. There is truly "nothing new under the sun" (i.e., in terms of human nature and imagination, not in a “technological” sense). Whatever your flavor, Lucifer has it for you (Rom. 1:18-32, Eph. 2:1-2). This demonic tactic is as old as the one used in the Garden of Eden, when Satan seduced and used Eve to bring down Adam and his race (Gen 3, John 8:44, Rom. 5:12-21, 1 Tim 2:13-14) The demonic tactic and deception is the subtle lie to challenge Almighty God's ETERNAL Word and Authority and bring the individual to a state of mind in which the Savior of the world is the Villain and kill joy of mankind. Countless generations have followed after these damnable hypnotic trends, and the majority has allowed themselves to be led astray to ruin in this life and ETERNAL destruction for ones ETERNAL future (Prov. 16:25, Eph. 2:1-2, Rev. 20:11-15). There is something about music that temporarily satisfies the soul (like a drug). Humanity uses music to soothe and nourish their famished souls which were created for Almighty God and His ETERNAL Person. Those who reject their Creator’s mercy and saving grace (Romans 7:24-25) seek to fill this void with idolatry, material possessions, sex, drugs and, yes… the Pop and Rock-n-Roll music culture. It is a way...
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