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The democrat party has become the party of Hamas.

Bill Clinton, as have all recent Presidents, tried to his best to negotiate a Middle East peace but failed.

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Nearly a year after he failed to achieve a deal at Camp David, former president Bill Clinton gave vent to his frustrations this week over the collapse of peace in the Mideast. And Clinton directed his ire at one man: Yasir Arafat. On Tuesday night, Clinton told guests at a party at the Manhattan apartment of former U.N. ambassador Richard Holbrooke and his wife, writer Kati Marton, that Arafat called to bid him farewell three days before he left office. “You are a great man,” Arafat said. “The **** I am,” Clinton said he responded. “I’m a colossal failure, and you made me one.”

Clinton said he told Arafat that by turning down the best peace deal he was ever going to get-the one proffered by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and brokered by Clinton last July-the Palestinian leader was only guaranteeing the election of the hawkish Ariel Sharon, the current Israeli leader. But Arafat didn’t listen. Sharon was elected in a landslide Feb. 6 and has gradually escalated his crackdown on the Palestinians despite a shaky ceasefire negotiated two weeks ago by CIA chief George Tenet.

Arafat - Nothing - Today - Abbas - Peace

Arafat just kept saying no. Since then, nothing has changed. Today, Abbas wants no peace.

And at home, as well. While Abbas cried “treachery” and trashed the Bahrain participants, Palestinian social media was more interested in other developments: The PA’s top brass gave itself 20-percent salary hikes, even while blaming America for cuts to social services and salaries for everyone else.

Critics - Bahrain - Conference - Failure - America

Critics of the Bahrain conference predicted (hoped?) that its failure would isolate America. Those Europeans and traditional American peace processors have long taken their cues from Ramallah. No wonder they...
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