Duke Professor Omid Safi: Islam for 1,400 Years Has Had Clear Emphasis on “the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life”

Jihad Watch | 7/11/2019 | Hugh Fitzgerald
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In late June, Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, announced by way of riposte to Donald Trump’s warnings to Iran not to renew its nuclear weapons program, that there was no need for such warnings, for Islam itself forbids such a program.

This same statement has been made several times in the past, ever since 2010, by the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, who has claimed that nuclear weapons are “forbidden under Islamic law.” Omid Safi, an apologist for Islam at Duke University, has explained, with his taqiyya at full throttle, that while “the Koran was revealed in the 7th century, there were no nuclear weapons in the world. The Koran, Bible and Torah don’t say anything about nuclear weaponry, chemical weaponry or biological weaponry. What the Koran has, and what the Islamic tradition has had over the last 1,400 years is a clear emphasis on what it calls the sanctity and the dignity of human life.”

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Is that what comes to mind when you think of the last 1,400 years of Islamic conquest and subjugation of many lands and many peoples — “the sanctity and dignity of human life”? Think of Muhammad himself, wishing aloud that someone would rid him of those who had criticized or mocked him — Asma bint Marwan, Abu ‘Afak, and Ka’b bin al-Ashraf — and his loyal followers needed no further prompting; all three were murdered by different followers of Muhammad eager to please. Muhammad also ordered the torture of Kinana of Khaybar, to force him to reveal where the treasure of the Jews in that oasis had been hidden, and then, once Kinana had done so, Muhammad ordered that he was to be killed. He apparently forgot all about “the sanctity and dignity of human life.” Muhammad himself took enthusiastic part in killing between 600-900 bound prisoners...
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