DC Resident Makes Great Argument Against DC Statehood

www.floppingaces.net | 7/1/2019 | Brother Bob
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As someone who’s about to hit 20 years of living in the DC area, calls for DC statehood always rumble at varying levels of loudness. The practical answer it will never happen is that no party is going to give two new Senators to the opposition party that will have zero chance of ever being competitive. The legal answer is that it would violate The Constitution. Granted, for Lefties using The Constitution as toilet paper is a feature, not a bug, but I digress. The real answer goes back to why it was written into the Constitution in the first place – the capitol was placed in a completely independent district rather than any state so that said state would not receive more favorable treatment in congress over the non-capitol holding states.

Fun fact from my tour guide days here! The capitol was, of course, originally in New York. The southern states did not like that the capitol and its influence was located in the north and wanted it closer. The northern states relented and agreed to have a new capitol built at a halfway point, on the banks of the Potomac River. While the new capitol was being built, it was temporarily moved to Philadelphia. The northern states agreed to this because they wanted the capitol in Philly and thought that DC would never actually be built. So our capitol is built on one massive reclaimed swamp, hence the humidity and mosquitoes in the summer. Drain THIS!

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But onto the point of this post, I’d argue that the #1 reason that DC should not be given statehood is that its residents don’t deserve it. If that sounds harsh, look no further than how many times did Marion Barry get elected to office even after his downfall? OK, that really isn’t a...
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