Physicist finds loose thread of string theory puzzle | 7/3/2019 | Staff
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A University of Colorado Boulder physicist is one step closer to solving a string theory puzzle 20 years in the making.

Paul Romatschke, an associate professor of physics at CU Boulder, has devised an alternative set of tools to those that created string theory's three-quarters dilemma, a mathematical puzzle that has plagued scientists for years and has kept them from fully understanding and proving this possible "theory of everything."

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While not necessarily applicable to the everyday world, the results, which were published this week in Physical Review Letters, open the door for higher-level equations that could have implications on the way we approach and understand important aspects of physics like string theory or quantum field theories, which are a set of theories in physics that describe the dynamics of fields, or objects that permeate everything.

"While it would be nice to really get at the meaning of three-quarters, this is at least a very suggestive picture, so maybe that's, if not the solution for three-quarters, at least a step towards sort of resolving it," said Romatschke.

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Since the 1960s, scientists have been puzzling over string theory, a theoretical framework of reality that involves tiny, wriggling one-dimensional objects—called strings—that make up the fabric of everything. First studied as a broad way to address a number of questions in fundamental physics, it has since been applied to topics ranging from black hole physics to nuclear physics to the very origins of the universe.

But, arguably, one of its biggest breakthroughs is the discovery that black holes and matter are roughly two sides of the same coin.

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This so-called "duality" allows physicists to map properties of matter (such as pressure) to properties of the black holes found in Einstein's general...
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