Slump Hits Big Media — Because They Lied to Their Audience!

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 6/25/2019 | George Prayias
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RUSH: From Axios: “’Trump Slump’ Hits Big Media.” And what this is about is that the excesses that the Democrats and the media think are Donald Trump are not shocking anybody anymore. And, therefore, the media going ape over what Trump says or does has gotten so old that people no longer need to tune in to Drive-By Media to hear about it because it isn’t news anymore.

The story revolves around the fact that some media got a huge ratings bump by covering all this Trump stuff from Russia collusion to the Mueller investigation to all of that. And the bottom line is that Big Media didn’t do anything to earn whatever increase in ratings or website clicks they got, and they haven’t done anything to hold on to those gains.

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Fake news was a temporary thing. They’re out there promising Trump’s demise. MSNBC was totally lying to their audience, as an example, that Trump was gonna be perp walked out of the White House the next day, and they did this for two years. And they told everybody watching Trump was guilty, he colluded, they’ve got the evidence, Mueller’s got the evidence, Trump’s gonna be charged, Trump’s gonna be indicted the next day for two years.

And when the Mueller report comes out and Trump’s, quote, unquote, exonerated, then the audience just started abandoning MSNBC in droves, and the same thing started happening to CNN. Mueller’s appointment, in other words, gave the insanity a lot of energy.

Mueller - Appointment - Claims - Trump - Trump

Mueller’s appointment and the never-ending claims that he was gonna find it, he was gonna get Trump, Trump was gonna be history, Hillary was gonna be president again, the magic was gonna happen, that gave the insanity that was daily presented as news to the Democrat base, that gave it legs, that gave it energy,...
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