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Early humans probably didn't survive by starting fires the cartoon way, scrubbing a stick between their palms until snap, crackle, poof! It's not that the technique doesn't work, it's just really slow, and can leave you with enormous, puffy blisters across your palms. To demonstrate, John Plant, the YouTuber behind the channel Primitive Technologies, flashes his torn up mitts for the camera, scratching at the yellow sores on his already dirty and calloused hands.

Then he sits on the ground, shoeless and shirtless, and hits a rock with another rock until he bores a hole through the middle. He puts a straight stick snapped from a nearby tree through the hole, and twists tree bark into twine, which he wraps around the stick. When he pulls the twine, the drill spins, flung by the momentum of the stone, like a prehistoric flywheel. In 26 painless, unedited seconds, he's got smoke, and, with a little blowing, fire. The video has no intro, no words, no music—and over 43 million views.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and people's curiosity extends beyond what's contemporary. Some people want to know how folks in the Middle Ages brushed their teeth; others want to know how to extract starch from tubers like sweet potatoes and arrowroot or how to restore a coffee percolator, an old radio, or a pair of leather shoes. Some seek knowledge on weaving baskets from willow, bamboo, brambles, or pine needles. Others are just looking for tips on how to sew a butt-enhancing bustle like it's 1903. Equally interesting: blacksmiths, Native American potters and adobe-house builders, fletchers and coopers (that's arrow- and barrel-makers), glaziers making glass from sand, cooks trying a mac and cheese recipe written in 1784.

Some channels do history like a school teacher would: intercutting their talking...
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