Why Predictions Of 187 Million Refugees From Sea-Level Rise Are Nonsense

Townhall | 6/22/2019 | Staff
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Imagine - Home - Stream - Country - Rains

Imagine that you live in a $450,000 home situated along a stream out in the country. With very heavy rains, the stream rises about three feet, but your home is two feet above that level.

One day, though, upstream, a landslide changes the flow of another stream. It previously fed into your stream below your home. Now it feeds into it upstream. So now your stream’s normal level is three feet higher than before, which means that with a three-foot rise from a heavy rain you’ll have a foot of water in your home. You’ve seen enough of the heavy rains to know you can’t just do nothing and hope they’ll never come again.

So what do you do?

You could try selling your home, but with that new flood risk you find that no one’s offering more than $200,000 for it---meaning you’ll lose $250,000.

Specialty - Contractor - Home - Feet - Ground

You could hire a specialty contractor to raise your entire home five feet off the ground at a cost of $100,000. Better than losing $250,000, but not very welcome.

You could build a concrete barrier to keep flood waters from reaching your home. That would only cost you about $30,000.

Company - Area - Landslide - Stream - Path

Or maybe you could pay an earth-moving company to restore the area affected by the landslide, returning the tributary stream to its prior path, at a cost of $15,000.

Of all the options, which would you choose?

Thing - Home - Value

One thing’s pretty well certain: you won’t just abandon your home and lose its $450,000 value.

That is, you won’t become a landslide refugee.

Reason - Predictions - Climate - Refugees

And that’s the most obvious reason why alarming predictions of 187 million “climate refugees” driven from...
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