Why Your Content Might Not Be Enough

SundayU Magazine | 4/9/2019 | JustinGirdler
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Since the internet and age of information has begun, it seems that human-kinds ability to crank is moving faster and faster. For people looking to create a platform & capture an audience, for a while (a long while) the rule of the land was that, Content is King.

As long as your content was out there, it was consistently produced, and the quality didn’t waver too much, then you had what you needed to reach who you wanted. But the rules are changing, or already have. “If you build it, They will come” is dead.

World - Content - Makers - Adolescents - Marketers

The world now consists of content makers ranging from very young, very untrained adolescents to exacting marketers, plotting a social media program with great skill. The online frontier has more than enough, almost too much of the consistent, quality content to pick from. Take outdoor photography as an example… actually that’s too broad, take outdoor lifestyle photography, still too broad, take a niche, like Pacific NW-lifestyle photography, and look at the number of social media accounts, clubs, boutiques, magazines, and collectives, dedicated to one tiny slice of the collective online photography pie.

Content is king, but everyone has a king now.

Message - Audience - Influencer - Field

So then, how do you stand out? How do you get your message out, build your audience, become an influencer in your field?

I don’t think that the Content is King rule has gone away, but I think it is helpful to recognize that you and a hundred other social media accounts, just like your’s are playing at the same game: crank enough content, and maybe you’ll get a bite. It’s certainly a game I’ve been playing for years, and I just don’t think it’s a play that works anymore.

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Experts sell us on strategies and ways to make our content stick out, be more efficient, and reach more people;...
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