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Catholic and Enjoying It! | 6/7/2019 | Staff
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So the other day, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who gets a load of death threats and hate from Good White Christianists, got wind that Paul Manafort, one of the crooks who worked for Trump, was going to be put in solitary confinement in a prison in the district she represents.

Being a decent human being, she demanded he be taken out of solitary, describing this form of punishment as torture. She needn’t have done it. Were the shoe on the other foot and the victim were one of his political enemies, there is no doubt that Trump (who has called for the torture of prisoners and even murder of innocents, as well as the execution of innocents like the Central Park 5) and his vicious cult of personality would be gloating over an enemy in solitary.

AOC - Profound - Differences - Manafort - Decent

But AOC, despite her profound differences with Manafort, did the decent and good thing and called for his removal from solitary lock up. She did so in agreement with the teaching of the Holy Father, who said, “One form of torture is sometimes applied by imprisonment in maximum security prisons.”

A friend of mine, John Medaille, remarked, “Agree or disagree, this is a woman of principle.”

Response - Catholic - Right - Wing - Destruction

The instantaneous and all-too-typical response of the Catholic Right Wing bent only on her destruction?

“No. She’s an airhead.”


The proof?

She’s a dimwit.”

Problem - Fact - Quote - Genesius - Times

The only problem with this was the minor fact that this “quote” came from the Genesius Times, a satire site the bills itself as “the most reliable source of fake news on the planet.”

When confronted with this fact, an honorable person, Christian or not, would have retracted and apologized. But the person in John’s comboxes, bent on punching her good name in the teeth for the sin of loving her enemy, refused. It was more important to land the punch than to honor the...
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