Abortion’s Underlying Issue

Cranach | 5/23/2019 | Staff
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The great Anthony Esolen has written a brilliant article for Public Discourse on the underlying issue in the abortion controversy: autonomy. That is, the insistence on being a law unto oneself. Having a child puts us in relationships and gives us obligations that undermines the possibility of sexual, economic, and personal autonomy.

Read the whole essay. It begins by showing how logic, science, evidence, experience all support the anti-abortion position. In fact, all of the arguments for abortion have been shot down. But for those committed to abortion, the facts do not matter. Today, supporters of abortion refuse any limits to the mother’s and her doctor’s “right” to kill that child, even when the baby could live outside her womb, when there is no question of the fetus being just a part of the mother’s body. Politicians who support abortion cannot even bring themselves to vote for a bill that would protect the target of abortion even after he or she is born, should the abortion be bungled.

Esolen - Explanation

Esolen asks, why is that? And then he offers an explanation. . . .

From Anthony Esolen, When Reason Does Not Suffice: Why Our Culture Still Accepts Abortion:

Bleeding - Child - Attempt - Life - Table

Think now of the poor bleeding and half-mangled child who survives an abortive attempt on his life. He is breathing on the table nearby. He poses not the most suppositious threat to the life or the health of his mother. But he does pose a threat: an existential threat. His mere existence poses a threat to the mother’s and everyone else’s imagined mode of existence, which is autonomy.

As long as that child exists or has existed, whether the mother relents and takes him to herself, or gives him up for adoption, or even whether he is given medical care and lives for a few weeks before he...
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