Understanding the periodic table through the lens of the volatile Group I metals

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The news broke that a railroad car, loaded with pure sodium, had just derailed and was spilling its contents. A television reporter called me for an explanation of why firefighters were not allowed to use water on the flames bursting from the mangled car. While on the air I added some sodium to a bit of water in a petri dish and we observed the vicious reaction. For further dramatic effect, I also placed some potassium into water and astonished everyone with the explosive bluish flames.

Because Group I metals, also known as alkali metals, are very reactive, like the sodium from the rail car or the potassium, they are not found in nature in pure form but only as salts. Not only are they very reactive, they are soft and shiny, can easily be cut even with a dull knife and are the most metallic of all known elements.

Chemist - Career - Molecules - Group - Behavior

I am a chemist who spent his career building new molecules, sometimes using Group I elements. By studying the behavior and trends of Group I elements, we can get a glimpse of how the periodic table is arranged and how to interpret it.

The arrangement of the periodic table and the properties of each element in it is based of the atomic number and the arrangement of the electrons orbiting the nucleus. The atomic number describes the number of protons in the nucleus of the element. Hydrogen's atomic number is 1, helium's is 2, lithium's is 3 and so on.

Columns - Table - Group - Family - Elements

Each of the 18 columns in the table is called a group or a family. Elements in the same group share similar properties. And the properties can be assumed based on the location within the group. Going from the top of Group I to the bottom, for example, the atomic radii – the distance...
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