The Shield of Ovid (Guest Post by James Harrington)

Eidos | 4/19/2019 | Staff
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I asked for new voices and got some outstanding writers! Today we hear from the erudite James R. Harrington.

James R. Harrington earned his M.A. in Ancient History at California State University Fulleron and is a member of the Torrey Honors Institute. James has been a classical educator in a variety of settings over the past thirteen years. He lives in Houston with his wife, Sharon, and their daughter.

Mr - Harrington - Thoughts - Post

Mr. Harrington responded to thoughts on his first post.

He continued to the shield of Aeneas and followed up on that post. Now, unexpectedly, we turn to a shield in Ovid:

Virgil - Ovid - Rome - Wars - Rise

Virgil’s younger contemporary, Ovid, responded to Rome’s civil wars and the rise of Augustus with a poetic epic of his own. In his Metamorphoses, Ovid sets out to tell a mythic history of the world, from its creation down to the apotheosis of Julius Caesar. He draws a stark conclusion about the nature of reality that is more in keeping with Homer than Virgil: that the nature of Reality is flux and change. Writing as a well-educated Roman, Ovid is careful to give the legends surrounding the Trojan War ample space in his epic, and Achilles’ shield features prominently in Metamorphoses.

Ovid’s depiction of Achilles’ shield occurs at the beginning of Book XIII, during the contest between Ajax and Ulysses for the arms of Achilles after his death. It is a classically Homeric contest that pits eternal opposites against each other: Ajax’s brawn versus Ulysses’ brain....
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