Tidal wave of Millennials join fight to drain the swamp

conventionofstates.com | 4/9/2019 | Staff
The next generation of conservative leaders have been watching and waiting for a cause where they can make a tangible difference and be a part of history in the making. For years, they felt hopeless.

But today, the scene looks very different.

Ben - Shapiro - Convention - States - Millions

Ben Shapiro has teamed up with Convention of States to funnel his millions of young listeners into the fight to call a Convention of States.

In a matter of weeks, tens of thousands of young activists have flooded into the movement, taking on leadership positions, and being trained to take back their power from Washington, D.C.


These are their stories.

“When Ben Shapiro mentioned the Convention of States on his podcast, that was all I needed to dive in and investigate. I had spent years feeling powerless and frustrated with the growing size and corruption of the federal government, but with COS, I suddenly saw the opportunity to DO something! Instead of just complaining, I could be a part of a team that was working toward a solution. It was so empowering!”

Ben - Shapiro - Support - COS - Podcast

“When I heard Ben Shapiro support COS on his podcast, I knew it was something I wanted to get behind. Soon after, I saw I could apply for a leadership position and knew that’s what I wanted to do. Bottom line, I want to help with the COS Project to try to create a better country for my son.”

“If we do not limit government, we will find it ‘saving’ us from harm in every area of our lives. Convention of States could turn our beloved country from the statism it pursues.”

Power - People - State - Legislator - Positions

“I believe power should be returned to the American people. I am confident that we can change our state legislator’s positions on COS with more persistence and education.”

“I believe in limiting the federal...
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