How A Progressive Government Will 'Disappear' America | 3/24/2019 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
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Katie Hopkins warned Americans about the dangers of unrestricted Islamic immigration and described in frank detail how it has affected the U.K. and Europe, contributing to a social decline and an inimical atmosphere. Thanks to Barack Obama’s eight-year Islamophobic presidency, unrestricted immigration has spread to the United States.

Michael Savage, the conservative talk show host, was banned from the U.K. for alleged hate speech which offended Islam. Few advocated on his behalf to protect his freedom of expression and now, one by one, conservative voices of dissent and opposition to illegal immigration are being silenced.

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It is interesting to note that, the more that is penned on the subject, the more skepticism prevails, the messenger becoming a Cassandra. The Greek mythological Cassandra was cursed to voice prophecies that were true, but her prophecies were not believed.

A few authors dare to describe the reality and statistics of a shocking coma of western civilization caused by massive immigration from the third world and orchestrated by globalist politicians. Warnings are ignored, derided, or condemned by those in power as hate speech or shrugged off as the latest conspiracy theory of edgy writers.

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Books and many articles have been written about Europe’s demographic suicide and its eventual demise. The most recent and quite compelling is Douglas Murray’s “The Strange Death of Europe.”

Douglas Murray explained that Europe has been afflicted by a fatal disease that is impossible to cure. Despite the passage of time and normal changes, cultural succession, traditions, customs, values, and behaviors gave us the ability to recognize European peoples as Greek, English, Spanish, French, etc. In the face of massive and unrelenting immigration, the host populations are harder to recognize as they have bent to the values of the invaders.

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“As a result, by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive Europe will...
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