Filtering photos, posting happy moments: Time to get real | 3/23/2019 | Staff
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Authenticity has never been the norm, in our day or in Bible days. Oh, we say we like it when people are “real,” but we tend to promote less-than-truthful versions of ourselves.

We share selectively by filtering Insta pictures, embellishing resumes, and posting only our happy moments. We admire celebrities based on their carefully crafted public personas and invest in plastic surgery to look a little more like them. We hide our weaknesses and our fear of the future, along with the arguments we have in the car on the way to dinner—often a car that’s leased and above our pay grade. We float the balance on our credit card to next month (and the next and the next) to buy more stuff we can’t afford, in order to feel prettier, more important and more fulfilled than we actually are. And we pat ourselves on the back for being “good,” while ignoring our heart’s glaring lack of goodness; which means we’re often not even real with ourselves.

Technology - Aids - Abets - Inauthenticity - Pressures

Aside from the technology that aids and abets our inauthenticity, the pressures and priorities in Jesus’ day were the same. Many in the religious ruling class were confident in their traditions and in themselves, proud even, which included looking down on the less fortunate. On the other hand, those who were less-than-impressive worked hard to measure up. So, whether people were working to maintain their good status or earn it for the first time, the same striving and posing and wishing and hiding that exists today existed then.

Enter Messiah.

Jesus - Followers

Jesus didn’t choose His followers...
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