‘**** in a Good Way’ Director and Stars on How Shooting in Black-and-White Makes a Movie Timeless [Interview]

/Film | 3/22/2019 | Eric Vespe
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**** In A Good Way is a little bit of a hard sell. First, there’s the title which fits it perfectly once you see the movie and know the context, but on first glance is a bit… strong. Secondly, it’s a black and white French-language movie, which means the uphill battle to get US audiences to give it a shot might as well be covered with ice.

However, it’s an incredibly smart and, more importantly, incredibly fun movie. The story follows three female friends who are in the prime of their teenage lives. They spot some very attractive young men working at their local toy store, so naturally they all get jobs there and that’s when things get messy. Relationships start and stop on a dime, there’s cross pollination and all the while the three young women at the heart of the story are testing the limits of their friendship.

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It sounds deep and serious, but the tone really is way lighter than you’re expecting. Naturalistic performances, a smart script and keen direction make this film a delightful experience.

I was able to sit down with two of the film’s stars, Marguerite Bouchard and Rose Adam, as well as the film’s director, Sophie Lorain to discuss the decision to shoot black and white, how the actors gave such naturalistic performances and just why they decided to end on a Bollywood number.

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I want to talk a little bit about the visual look of the movie. I’m sure people ask you about the choice to shoot black and white a lot, but what I found very interesting about it in this context is that it gave a very contemporary story a timeless feel. Was that the goal from the beginning?

Sophie Lorain: Absolutely. That’s what I wanted to do. The subject was also very touchy. Talking...
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