A little follow up conversation with Sherry Weddell on ‘Kumbaya’

Catholic and Enjoying It! | 3/21/2019 | Staff
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Over on the Book of Face, I remarked that I’ve been Catholic for 30 years and I cannot remember ‘Kumbaya’ ever being sung in a liturgy or even at a charismatic conference. The claim of overuse that I perpetually heard from ‘faithful conservative Catholic’ bashers of ‘Kumbaya Catholics’, like the claims of the allegedly ubiquitous Clown Mass, strike me as urban legends.

Sherry replied:

Catholic - World - Years - Mass - Hundreds

I’ve been traveling the Catholic world endlesssly for over 20 years, attending Mass in and working in hundreds of different parishes and dioceses around the world and have never heard it either. Not once. I associate it with my evangelical childhood where no one seemed to treat it with contempt. It was just a song we sang at camp.

But in the Catholic world – especially online – I heard the term “Kumbaya” used over and over by white “conservative Catholics” as an expression of contemptuous disDain for any kind of Catholic practice associated with the honoring of kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, love, joy, peace, patience. Any talk of social justice and of repentance was also Kumbaya.

Cry - Heart - People - Centuries - Catholics

And now we know it was a cry from the heart from a people whose centuries of suffering were perpetuated by many white Catholics. Who needed to repent of horrifying things.

The assumption of contempt is such an easy way to avoid repentance and taking responsibility for individual and corporate evil. I remember the horror of white conservatives when JPII proposed to offer a public and very extensive apology for the sins of the Church over the centuries as part of the change to the third millennium celebrations. How dare he undermine the dignity and credibility of the Church through public repentance of evils that the Church had committed? Not even the Pope had the authority to do such a thing.

But no one thinks it...
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