Energy-efficient superconducting cable for future technologies | 3/19/2019 | Staff
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For connecting wind parks, for DC supply on ships, or for lightweight and compact high-current cabling in future electric airplanes: scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed a versatile superconducting cable that can be manufactured easily. In case of moderate cooling, it transports electric energy with hardly any losses.

Superconductors transport electrical current at low temperatures with hardly any losses – this makes them attractive for a number of energy-efficient technologies. Usually, however, they require cooling with liquid helium to a temperature near minus 269 degrees Celsius. A new cable made by KIT, the High-temperature Superconductor Cross Conductor (HTS CroCo) can be used at minus 196 degrees Celsius already. "This is due to the special material we use," say Dr. Walter Fietz and Dr. Michael Wolf of KIT's Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP). The material is rare-earth barium-copper oxide (REBCO for short), whose superconductivity has been known since 1987. However, long lengths of the superconductor can only be manufactured in the form of thin tapes. "We have developed a method where several REBCO tapes are arranged such that they form a cross. The resulting cable can transport very high currents," Fietz says.

HTS - CroCo - Current-carrying - Capacity - Space

The HTS CroCo has a higher current-carrying capacity, but needs less space and has a smaller weight...
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