The Southern Baptist Convention's Major Problem

<center>Istoria Ministries Blog</center> | 12/31/1969 | Wade Burleson
In 1840, five years before the creation of the Southern Baptist Convention, Baptists from across America met in New York City and listened to an Address to Southern Baptists by Elon Galusha, a lawyer by education and Baptist minister by vocation.

Mr. Galusha appealed to the Baptist ministers of the American South to give up slavery. The Southerners who listened to Mr. Galusha would five years later break away from the loose association of American Baptists called The Triennial Convention and form the Southern Baptist Convention.

Baptists - Mr - Galusha - Address - Highlights

It's obvious Southern Baptists didn't accept what Mr. Galusha said in his address. Here are the highlights of that Saturday, April 18, 1840, at the McDougal Street Baptist House of Worship in New York City:

"It is our firm conviction that the whole system of American slavery, in theory and practice, is a violation of the instincts of nature, -- a perversion of the first principles of justice,--and a positive transgression of the revealed will of God."

God - Right - Health - Wife - Children

"We believe that God only has the right to take away the health, the wife, the children, or the life of men guilty of no social crime. When man, single or associated, uses his power for such ends through slavery of another, he appears to us to arrogate to himself the prerogative of the Almighty, and to assume a responsibility under which an archangel would stagger."

"We behold, in all Scriptures a virtual and total condemnation of American slavery."

American - Calvinistic - Baptists - World - Sins

"American Calvinistic Baptists have been hitherto regarded by the Christian world as responsible for the sins of Baptist Slaveholders, and the sufferings of one hundred thousand slaves."

"And if we fail, as many do, to testify our abhorrence of a system that allows a fellow-Christian to sell his brother, or his brother's wife or child, or to dissolve the marriage tie at pleasure, we...
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