Socialism: Taking Bread from the mouths of those who earned it | 2/25/2019 | Charles Wills
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Bernie Sanders, along with a slew of other brainless bohemians that identify as Democrats, are running for president in 2020. Bernie and the rest of the socialist miscreants want to transform America into a socialist utopia. Recently, Crazy Bernie appeared on the Young Turks, often called the Young Turds, and laid out the Democrat socialist plan for America. The plan includes medicare for all, the Green New Deal, higher taxes, and more communist labor unions for the poor working proletariats to support.

First, Bernie and the Democrat socialists want to impose government controlled healthcare, where a government bureaucrat decides who gets proper medial care and, as Barry said, who will just have to take a pain pill. And second, they want to do away with all forms of energy except what clueless bohemians call renewable energy. That means no more trains, planes, automobiles, trucks, heating oil or electricity because those things rely primarily on what they call non renewable energy. Under their form of government, everyone will have to live in government housing and travel on government provided mass transportation; that is except the socialist ruling class.

Cows - Petroleum - Fertilizer - Potatoes - Americans

And because cows fart and petroleum based fertilizer is used to grow potatoes, Americans will have to give up beef and potatoes. Everything these brainless bohemians propose is subversive to the Constitution and destructive to the welfare of the nation. Unfortunately, this is never discussed by the Marxist media - that has more than its share of brainless morons. God forbid the public ever finds out just how clueless and idiotic socialists really are, or how destructive their agenda is to America.

Ironically, the brainless morons in the mainstream media hide behind the Constitution on one hand and promote a Marxist ideology that would destroy the Constitution on the other. The media morons, useful idiots, believe...
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