A Deadly Valentine’s: Cinema’s 17 Most Dangerous Couples

/Film | 2/14/2019 | Matt Donato
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Rapturous admissions of love – with all their rose-colored dressings and happiest endings – are not strictly reserved for the purest hearts. Even those most wicked, villainous souls can experience companionship in any form required (human, demigod, demonic ruler, etc). Society doesn’t normally classify these “nightmare” stories as “romantic,” but cinema operates to argue otherwise. Love stories come in all moods, genres, and methods of display – or, at the very least, double as a facade for even more unspeakable damnation than previously believed.

With St. Valentine’s influence in the February air, I thought it might be fun to ruin the mood once again with something dark and twisted. An ode to anyone who’d steal Cupid’s bow as a way of extending their ongoing murder spree. To honor those we dub our partners in crime, I’ve compiled a list of *literal* partners in crime who’ve tallied relationship goals and body counts in tandem. The most dangerous cinematic couples that prove “those who slay together, stay together” – in a matter of words. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Voodoo - Union - Charles - Lee - Ray

I, for one, will always ship the voodoo union of Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany Valentine – better known to horror audiences as “Chucky” and “Tiffany.” Pre-transformation, they were immoral troublemakers who pushed one another deeper into heartache and madness. In doll form, their slasher rampage (with the help of Jade and Jesse) includes Las Vegas grifters, John Ritter, Hollywood effects gurus, Redman – literally *no one* is safe. Their danger level is through the roof, assuring certain death for anyone who might trip over these knee-high nasties.

The volatility between Chucky and Tiffany makes these two infinitely more dangerous than stable lovers who kill because mood swings provoke slasher tendencies. One minute Tiffany dons her best “Martha Stewart” impersonation in the kitchen, the...
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