“If he does just ONE MORE THING…” Seriously, folks, what is it going to take?

www.barnhardt.biz | 2/4/2019 | Ann Barnhardt
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So Antipope Bergoglio just declared that:

“god” wills the existence of mutually exclusive religions (which) implies that Francis’ “god” equally wills the truth and the denial of it and therefore is, like the devil, a principle of contradictions.

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That is well said. The document stating this was co-signed by a musloid imam who is on the record quite recently as affirming that apostates from the islamic political system should be executed. Mahounds Paradise has the coverage on that.

I gotta tell you, folks, I honestly at this point can not comprehend how anyone can look at Antipope Bergoglio and not instantly see that he enjoys ZERO grace of state guaranteed by the Petrine Promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and as clearly recorded in the Gospels. I’m pretty good at empathy and putting myself in other people’s shoes and thinking through what they might be thinking or what mistakes or confusion they might be experiencing. This is why I am a really good teacher. But I simply can not understand what anyone could possibly be thinking about Bergoglio other than, “There is absolutely no possible way this man can be the Pope. There is absolutely no way this...
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