Hey, Remember That Crazy “Papal Trinity” Hypothesis That Ratzinger Considered? Guess Who Else Cited It? Yep, Architect of the Bergoglian Antipapacy, Walter Kasper

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Well, folks, it’s a day that ends in “y” so that means it’s time for another post on Cardinal Walter Kasper’s life’s work of trying to dissolve the Papacy.

Once again, the German readers are coming through. May God reward them for their time and effort.

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So, you might remember the “Thermonuclear…” post wherein Ratzinger’s opening section of his ARSH 1978 paper in the compendium “Dienst an Der Einheit”, “Der Primat des Papstes und die Einheit des Gottesvolkes” which is in English, “The Primacy of the Pope and the Unity of the People of God” considers the hypothesis of a Papacy containing three members, because God is a Trinity, and thus a monarchical papacy is an intrinsically “Arian” structure. This comes from a theologian of the early 20th century, Erik Peterson.

Well, guess who else is talking about this hypothesis in the very same book? Yep. Walter Kasper. As in the Cardinal Walter Kasper who is the head of the Sankt Gallen Mafia that pressured Pope Benedict to resign and installed his boy Jorge Bergoglio as Antipope, and is Antipope Bergoglio’s puppet master. Except Kasper is MUCH friendlier to it. Imagine that. I’m going to turn it over to the German readers now….

Ratzinger - Page - Book - Dienst - Der

You will recall that Ratzinger on page 167 of the book “Dienst an der Einheit” referred to Erik Peterson’s obscure 1935 work “Monotheism as a political problem”, wherein Peterson surmised that the favour shown to Arianism by the emepror was due to the monotheistic model being a convenient theological corollary of the emperor’s political status. And also how Ratzinger mentioned that this idea was taken further by some, even as far as proposing a trinitarian model of the papacy (as in Solovyev’s writings), in contradistinction to an Arian “Monotheist” model. But it was still unclear why Ratzinger would have mentioned such...
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