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Full Measure | 2/3/2019 | Staff
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Call it what you want—the administrative state, big bureaucracy or The Swamp—social scientist and author Thomas Krannawitter says it’s only grown larger in the 25 years he’s been studying and speaking out against it. Now he’s trying a different approach. In his book “Save the Swamp,” he uses humor and satire to make his point.

Sharyl: How do you define the modern swamp?

Krannawitter - Swamp - Scientists - State - Government

Krannawitter: The modern swamp is what some of us social scientists call the administrative state, meaning unelected government employees who have the power to issue and enforce regulations as if they're law. So think of every federal regulatory agency from the, the EPA to the IRS to the SEC to, right? All these things. For most people, it's very unclear what the connection is between elected members of government and the millions of unelected bureaucrats who are out there telling people how to run their businesses and use their property. I step into the character as an advisor for bureaucrats. I'm going to give you tips on how to make the most out of your government position. So I give advice on how you can go harass people as an unelected bureaucrat. Maybe you have an ex-spouse, maybe someone you don't like. You can go harass them, shut their business down. Nothing's going to happen to you. Bureaucrats never get fired. I have a chapter in there on how results don't matter when it comes to government programs and policies and regulations. These are all tools to exercise control over other people. Nobody cares about the actual results. And I trot out one example after another, perhaps the biggest being the war on poverty that was announced in 1965, war not just to reduce poverty but eliminate poverty in the United States. We've spent $25,000,000,000,000 on the war to...
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