Head of the Sankt Gallen Mafia, Cardinal Walter Kasper: The Man’s Life’s Work Has Been the Dissolution of the Papacy

www.barnhardt.biz | 1/22/2019 | Ann Barnhardt
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As I said in Sunday’s post, the fact that pretty much every other Catholic website or blog is either totally silent or engaging in gaslighting and/or calumny in an effort to sweep the illegitimacy of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial abdication is telling. “Trad, Inc.” isn’t a very big market, but it IS a market, and I have have heard with my own ears more than one major name in the Tradisphere say, “Francis is great for business! Traffic is up, subscriptions are up, donations are up!”

How strange that they can’t see (or maybe they can) that the whole “ignore it, dismiss it, deny it” tactic is EXACTLY what is being done with regards to the sex abuse stuff. Folks, priests chasing after and molesting lads is considered “no big deal” and “just the way it is” outside of North America. It is very similar to the way Europeans view adultery. The French consider it completely normal and not at all scandalous for a man to have a mistress. Europeans were completely mystified by the whole Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in the late 90’s. To be scandalized by priests and bishops literally raping lads and young men is considered by these “elites” to be proof of unsophistication to the point of stupidity. “Oh, grow up. There will always be queers hanging around sacristies. That’s just how it is….” They think that if they just keep ignoring it and denying it, that the “American hillbillies” will forget about it and move on. There is about as much impetus to purge the priesthood of sodomites as there is to purge the world of ballet of sodomites. That is, ZERO.

Substantially - Erroneous - Abdication - Pope - Benedict

And so it is with the Substantially Erroneous failed partial abdication of Pope Benedict XVI. Just ignore it, and it will eventually go away…. Just keep saying,...
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