About 40% of H-1B Jobs Give Employers a Tidy $40,000/Year Discount

CIS.org | 1/18/2019 | Staff
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A recently released report on the H-1B program (for skilled nonimmigrant workers) indicates that in at least 40 percent of the jobs the employer gets a full-time (alien) worker for a $40,000 a year discount from actual prevailing wages.

No wonder many employers use this program and shoulder aside citizen and green-card workers! My sense is that between half a million and a full million resident college grads have lost decent jobs to alien workers as a result of H-1B.

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The comprehensive and damning report, "Reforming US' High-Skilled Guestworker Program", is by one of America's leading experts on the H-1B program, Professor Ron Hira of Howard University, and Bharath Gopalaswamy, director of the Atlantic Council's South Asia Center. It was published by the Atlantic Council, a distinguished Washington think tank whose chairman is Jon Huntsman Jr., the former GOP governor of Utah, and currently our ambassador to Russia.

The 14-page document carefully describes the complex inner workings of the H-1B program and its impact on U.S. workers. The best of many such articles I have read on the subject over the years, it highlights these points:

Employers - Effort - US - Workers - Program

Most H-1B employers do not have to make any effort to recruit U.S. workers before they are eligible to use the program;

Most of the H-1 B workers have, at best, average credentials and most are doing run-of-the mill work;

Program - Enforcement - Program - Complaints

The program needs an assertive, well-designed enforcement program rather than just responding to individual complaints.

Perhaps the strongest part of the article is its analysis of the weak, complex, and (to many) the easy-to-misunderstand wage regulations set by the U.S. Department...
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