Can Young Sheldon Carry the Ratings Once Big Bang Theory is Gone?

TVOvermind | 1/20/2019 | Tom
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The question on a few minds at this point isn’t really whether or not Young Sheldon can carry on once The Big Bang Theory is gone. It’s more along the lines of, ‘why is it still here?’. Now before anyone gets up in arms about that statement let’s take a close look at the show and the idea that it was meant to take over once TBBT was gone. We all know that the original show was never going to last forever, but Young Sheldon is a show that has the expectation of being able to bridge the gap between the two of them as Sheldon being a child should be able to grow into Sheldon the man, without changing much more than his appearance, and therefore complete the tale. But there are a few problems with that when it comes to a TV show, and there’s a lot that has to do with the fact that people do get tired eventually of seeing the same idea rolled out like a wad of pizza dough on a cutting board. Eventually that wad gets a little too thin and can’t hold the weight of the expectations. Yeah the analogy might be a bit tired and kind of obscure, but it does make sense.

Here are a few reasons why Young Sheldon might not be able to carry the torch once The Big Bang Theory is gone.

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Sheldon is a popular character, but it’s partly because he has great supporting characters.

“Good Trouble”

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For some people Sheldon is a constant annoyance since the character is quite honestly unable to interact on a social level with almost anyone. The moment he tries he becomes insanely awkward and resorts to thinking he’s superior to everyone in the room, a quality that only his close friends seem to be...
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