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The incident with the boys from Covington Catholic at March for Life echoes ominously in our culture. It indicates the fragility of our society and the divisions that run deep in our country.

It reveals the levels of rage and blame in our society and there are several problems with what happened:

First - Media - Story - Wing - Age

First of all, the mainstream media jumped on the story and promoted the anti-Catholic, anti-white, anti-right wing narrative. It’s hard not to do this in the age of instant news. It’s also difficult not to do this when the “evidence” is a video. However, we have since learned not only that pictures lie (they are easily manipulated with photoshop) but videos lie even more effectively. They lie not so much in what they show, but what they don’t show. When the “evidence” confirms your bias it is natural to want to publish it and shout it to the housetops. If you were a progressive, left wing secularist chances are you were already pretty annoyed at the mostly conservative, religious March for Life with its annual huge turnout. A video appears that seems to support your own bias? Shout it out.

The second problem is that so many people believed the first version of the incident and started heaping it on the boys from Covington School. They were attacked not only by their natural enemies in our culture, but their own school, diocese and Catholic bloggers and commentators were quick to throw them under the bus. When will we learn to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, wait to hear the other side of the story and listen and discern?

Problems - Trends - First - Culture - Relativism

These two problems indicate some very disturbing trends. First, the culture of relativism means that nobody trusts anybody. Nobody knows what is “fake news” and what isn’t. In an age where “you...
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