The Democrats Unleash The Cult Of Relatability...Oh, What Fresh **** Is This?

Townhall | 1/16/2019 | Staff
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The election of Donald Trump shocked almost everyone, even many of his most ardent supporters. There’s no need to rehash election night 2016 (although sometimes when I’m down in the dumps I do go back and look at media coverage of that night just to cheer myself up). It’s a night that will live in infamy.

There are better minds than mine that can break down all the reasons for Trump’s surprising landslide but one obvious reason is that he doesn’t speak like a diplomat. As crazy as it sounds when talking about a billionaire from the Manhattan set, Trump was relatable. He didn’t try to fool anyone with high-minded chatter and ten-dollar words. When he spoke at rallies, you got the sense you were hearing his completely unfiltered thoughts. The commentary class might not care for it but the average voters found it refreshing- and even a bit of a relief. Trump won in part because everyone was tired of polished turds being passed off as thoughtful expression. If Obama gave us the cult of personality, Trump brought us the cult of relatability.

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Now, nearly three years in, the Democrat Party - having been confronted for the first time with just how grossly out of touch they have become - has decided to go full “relatable”.

Never go full relatable.

Alexandria - Ocasio-Cortez - AOC - Wave - Relatability

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has been the first to truly capitalize on the wave of relatability ushered in by Trump. Her marketing team has done a brilliant job of putting out funny memes and clapback videos and her Twitter account is the liberal socialist version of Trump’s. If anyone is doing it right, it’s AOC.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party elites have also been paying attention. They see how their own voting base is beginning to turn on the old guard. They see how Trump has...
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