Should Men Be Angry About the “Toxic Masculinity” Gillette Ad?

Rare | 1/17/2019 | Rob Fox
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Should men be angry about Gillette’s new ad that urges them to denounce and dismantle toxic masculinity? Sure, if they want to be. Being angry at a corporation for one of their ads isn’t usually a productive use of anyone’s time but, since no one has to kill their own dinner or chop down trees to build their homes anymore we’ve all got to fill those extra hours with something.

It’s worth asking, though, what exactly does “angry” mean in reference to the way men are reacting to the ad? Upset? Annoyed? **** furious? “Angry” is a usefully vague, malleable term to use when someone wants people to pay attention to their coverage of anyone’s reaction to anything. When you read that men are “angry” about the Gillette ad the actual emotion the tweet/headline/post/blog is referring to is probably closer to annoyance than fury. But it might not be! Maybe if you click that link you’ll get to see some alpha meathead who thinks he’s super tough unironically cry and scream and break some ****. I’m clicking on that all day.

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You probably won’t get anything that awesome, though. What you’ll mostly see is complaining. Expressions of irritation. Almost nothing that someone could honestly qualify as passionate.

Observing people express whatever level of displeasure they have about a thing on Twitter and then using their complaints to 1) support the idea that most people like them must be sensitive about that issue, 2) to represent their displeasure with the issue as heightened as possible, and 3) to suggest these people must, in all likelihood, be against any ideas or people related to the thing they find irritating as well is at best stretch, but more likely just dishonest. (A lie.) It’s also good content.

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Using some tweets about a specific thing to represent an...
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