No, Seth Godin, Christians aren't asserting anthropomorphism but imago deism | 1/17/2019 | Staff
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Seth Godin is a blogger, author, speaker and – to use a term with which I am not entirely comfortable – guru. People hang on his every word. So, what did Seth Godin say Tuesday?

We’ve been doing it for a long time.


“The Gods must be crazy.”

The easiest way for a human to deal with a complex system (an AI that plays Scrabble, the traffic, the weather) is to imagine that there’s a little man inside, someone a lot like us, pulling the levers, getting annoyed, becoming frustrated, seeking retribution or offering a prize.

If that works, keep doing it.

But it might be even more helpful to remember that there’s no homunculus, no narrative, no revenge. Merely a complex system, one we can understand a bit better if we test and measure and examine it closely.


We’ve been doing it for a long time.

Who exactly are we and what exactly is it we’ve been doing? The we is intended to be comprehensive of everyone, over all cultures, over all time who does not (we find out later) see reality through the lens of scientism, where the universe is impersonal, devoid of the possibility of the supernatural – including God.

Godin - Anthropomorphism - Word - Godin - Anthropomorphism

According to Godin, what we’ve been doing is asserting anthropomorphism. It is not necessarily an anti-biblical word, but Godin certainly means it to be pejorative. Anthropomorphism is the projection of human characteristics onto God or gods. It is also one of the ways limited people have available to describe the attributes of One who is wholly other.

So, when the writers of the Bible describe God as snorting mad like a bull over egregious injustice – and they describe God’s nostrils as flaring – they are using an anthropomorphic literary tool. They are not saying God is a bull nor that God, who is Spirit, has...
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