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The word “nice” is not in the Bible.

It is nowhere to be found in the half dozen translations I’ve searched. There’s not one single time Jesus directs us to be nice. Kind, yes. But not nice. So why have we spent generations extolling the virtue of niceness to our daughters? Why has the Doctrine of Niceness become the standard for a godly woman?

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Twitter is a magical place. It’s like falling through The Looking Glass and I thoroughly enjoy my time skipping around that wacky place. Opinions buzz around the Twitterverse like mosquitos on a Manitoba August afternoon. It’s glorious and terrible all at once. Occasionally I may stumble across truly ignorant or oppressive words but, have no fear, inevitably some quick-witted, nimble-fingered keyboard warrior will have the perfect reply to halt the ill-informed melee in its tracks.

For instance, last week a male author/blogger tweeted: “According to the Bible, women can teach and declare the truth of God’s word … to other women and children.” He then added Titus 2:3-5 and 1 Timothy 2:8-3:3 as references to support his opinion. There were likes and shares that both supported and refuted his opinion, but one woman won the interwebs that day with her response, “According to the Bible, women can drive tent pegs through men’s heads. —Judges 4:17-21.”

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I’m not going to lie, I hooted and cheered in my empty house when I read her words. I loved her response so much that I retweeted it, but it didn’t take long before I received a private message from an acquaintance informing me that my endorsement of her sentiment was not only not Christ-like, it was not nice.

There was a time when that type of admonishment would have stung. That was back when I put a great deal of energy in to trying to...
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