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Democrat Nancy Pelosi said Trump's border wall is immoral and too expensive. Hearing Pelosi lecture Trump and the American people about morality is beyond repulsive.

Pelosi, her fellow Democrats and fake news media seek to prevent our side from using the word “morality” in the political arena. Any Republican and conservative who dares bring up the morality of an issue is immediately branded a religious nut, trying to force their wacko outdated values onto the public.

Pelosi - Minions - Airwaves - Absurd - Wall

Pelosi and her minions are flooding the airwaves with their absurd perverted narrative that building a wall (to protect Americans) is immoral. Meanwhile, these wicked Democrats who refuse to secure our borders live in highly secured and gated communities. Using their logic, shouldn't stopping people from invading their personal properties make Democrats immoral?

As I said, Democrats having the gall to throw morality into the face of Trump and everyday Americans who desire a secure border is pretty obnoxious. Here are examples of Democrats' twisted view of morality.

Democrats - LGBTQ - Lessons - Schools - LGBTQ

Democrats have forced LGBTQ lessons into schools. Funded by LGBTQ special interest groups like Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed program are infecting curriculum in public schools across America. Brace yourself. Kids are actually being instructed in dangerous and violent sexual practices such as asphyxiation and BDSM.

Planned Parenthood was caught on video advising a 15-year-old girl to allow her boyfriend to beat, whip and gag her.

Parents - Parenthood - Claims - Sex - Ed

To deceive parents, Planned Parenthood claims their sex ed includes abstinence. However, PP's definition of abstinence includes anal sex, oral sex, masturbation and mutual masturbation.

Students are also taught gender-bending and rimming, which is extremely risky due to horrific parasitic infections. What twisted view of morality causes Democrats to desire to fill children's heads with adult sexual practices as early as pre-k?

Democrat - Perez - Hilton - Homos

Democrat culture-warrior and Trump-hater Perez Hilton tweeted: “To my fellow homos and...
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