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China is following the path that Japan took in the years leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor 77 years ago. Of course, China has been much more subtle, but no less aggressive. Indeed, the outcome may be worse.

Some background is in order.

Year - World - War - War - Japan

In the year (1918) immediately after the First World War, a war in which Japan was a member of the winning alliance, the Japanese expected to take their place on the world stage as a major player. They were awarded many of the formerly German territories in the Pacific, but they demanded more. They demanded the formerly British and American markets in China. The Chinese resented both Britain and the U.S., but when the Japanese military arrived, the Chinese wisely allied themselves with their former oppressors and waged war against Japan.

Once the U.S. recognized the danger, the policy was to stop supplying Japan with the resources it needed to commit its crimes against humanity. To achieve this, an embargo was imposed, but the effect was the opposite of what had been hoped for. Instead of ceasing its aggressions, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Today - Nation - Dictatorship - China - Intention

Today, we face a powerful, rising nation, a dictatorship called China. Its stated intention is to surpass the U.S. as a world power. Its likely aim...
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