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I’m a native New Yorker. Not long ago, a good friend excitedly told me he was considering a pastoral assignment in Brooklyn. Ordinarily news like this would be met with happiness. I always enjoy the possibility of sharing the things I love about NYC with my friends. But I felt oddly unsettled. This friend had often visited New York before. And invariably he would end each visit listing off things he disliked about The City. I would frequently roll my eyes at his complaints – which were abundant. That’s why I was so surprised that moving to New York was even an option he was considering. “Why would you move there?” I inquired, “You always say how much you hate it.” His answer: “it’s a great mission field! There are so many opportunities for ministry!” What he said was not untrue. But I found it unnerving. At the time, I couldn’t fully formulate why. But a few weeks ago it became clear.

Unless you’ve been in a literal silo, you have undoubtedly heard about the missionary, John Chau, who attempted to contact the Sentinelese tribe on the Andaman Islands off the coast of India. He travelled close to the shore to make contact with the “world’s most isolated tribe”. He was carrying a Bible in one hand and football in the other while he yelled “Jesus loves you and so do I” in a language unknown to them. He lost his life when island natives attacked him with spears. Dozens of Christian pieces were written praising his selflessness. How noble he was! He was willing to give his life for them just to bring the Gospel!

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At this point, I could write about many of the problematic parts of various articles I read. For instance, there’s the blatant hypocrisy in the justifications...
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Settled law: one party can't change a contract. Now if the Government, citizens and the Consstitution...
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