Scientists revolutionize cybersecurity through quantum research | 11/21/2018 | Staff
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Scientists at the RDECOM Research Laboratory, the Army's corporate research laboratory (ARL) have found a novel way to safeguard quantum information during transmission, opening the door for more secure and reliable communication for warfighters on the battlefield.

Recent advancements of cutting-edge technologies in lasers and nanophysics, quantum optics and photonics have given researchers the necessary tools to control and manipulate miniature quantum systems, such as individual atoms or photons—the smallest particles of light.

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These developments have given rise to a new area of science—Quantum Information Science, or QIS, that studies information encoded in quantum systems and encompasses quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum sensing among other subfields.

Quantum Information Science is believed to have the potential to shape the way information is processed in the future.

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The Army's corporate research laboratory invests in QIS research to guarantee continuous technological superiority in this rapidly developing field, which in turn will bring about multiple new technologies in computation, encryption, secure communication and precise measurements.

However, to utilize quantum information, scientists need to figure out robust ways to process and transmit it—a task being tackled by Drs. Daniel Jones, Brian Kirby, and Michael Brodsky from the laboratory's Computational and Information Sciences Directorate.

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"In our classical world, information is often corrupted during manipulation and transmission—everyone is familiar with noisy cell phone connections in poor reception areas," Brodsky said. "Thus, communication engineers have been working on a variety of techniques to filter out the noise."

In classical communications, the filtering is rather straightforward as it is done locally, that is in the very place the information is received, such as directly in your phone or internet router.

Quantum - World - Things

In the quantum world, things become much more intricate.

The lab's research team has been looking into ways of filtering noise from little bits of quantum information—quantum bits or qubits sent across fiber-optic telecom links.

They discovered that...
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