Thomas Pink on the Significance of the Exorcisms before Baptism | 11/21/2018 | Staff
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Many Rorate readers will already know about the magnificent website The Josias, which, among other merits, explains and defends traditional Catholic Social Teaching better than any other site I have ever seen. Recently, The Josias published a remarkable three-part essay by Thomas Pink called "Vatican II and Crisis in the Theology of Baptism" (part 1, part 2, part 3). This, to be quite honest, is the best article I have read in years about the unmooring of Catholic theology from traditional Catholic doctrine since the Second Vatican Council, and a deeply insightful explanation of how we have ended up with the debacle of Pope Francis.

To make this essay better known, I am (with the author's permission) presenting a self-contained excerpt from it, where Pink goes into how the traditional rite of baptism that the Church used for well over a thousand years clearly presents, through its exorcisms, the correct understanding of the respective domains of the devil over fallen man and of Christ over the Christian, and how the revisions to the modern rite of baptism not only gloss over this understanding but even run contrary to it.

Change - Church - Fall - Sin - Church

The first and most important change has to do with how the Church now presents the Fall and original sin, and what the Church is doing when through baptism she releases us from the guilt of original sin.

The Church’s historical teaching is clear. The Fall has delivered the world, in so far as it is fallen, to the devil as its prince. The guilt of original sin involves, therefore, subjection to the dominion of the devil. This is vividly stated by the Council of Florence in its decree for the Copts. Faith in Christ, and baptism, in freeing us from original sin, free us from subjection to the devil:


This equation of original...
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