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Conservative Read | 11/19/2018 | chris
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According to the Atlantic, where I go for all my erotic 411, millennials lost the sexual revolution and they didn’t even fight in it. Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?, it asks in its latest cover story. Sheesh, just look at them.

I guess what they desperately need is some advice from a retired Army guy in his 50s, because this retired Army guy in his 50s has demonstrated that he gets it done while those goofs half his age are swiping left toward eterna-celibacy.

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Now, the fact that millennials are failing to reproduce would superficially seem like a good thing, but it is probably a bad thing for society when the younger generation is more interested in Instagram and Fortnite and endless adolescence than in doing the hard work of making babies and, you know, perpetuating the species.


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Wait, is this a political column? Is this topic political? Oh yeah. There’s a huge political component. Dems are always talking about demographics, but we Normals can take the initiative by doing what comes naturally while the future liberal elites are still trying to figure out each other’s pronouns. The Democrat Party is giving up on reproduction – it doesn’t help that they seem to be suspicious that anyone who actually carries a baby to term is sufficiently liberal. That’s why they want to import caravans of foreigners, to replace their dwindling voter base.

But why is it dwindling? Aren’t liberals supposed to be sexy and liberated? Well, it’s been a while since I dated one, but no. They are whiny, not sexy. They are the Ben Sasse of sexiness.

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There are a lot of other causes for the millennial sex drought besides that last, terrifying image. Romance used to be fun and now it is fraught. Look at the sexual fascism sweeping...
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