Large, strangely dim galaxy found lurking on far side of Milky Way

Science | AAAS | 11/13/2018 | Staff
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Circling our galaxy is a stealthy giant. Astronomers have discovered a dwarf galaxy, called Antlia 2, that is one-third the size of the Milky Way itself. As big as the Large Magellanic Cloud, the galaxy’s largest companion, Antlia 2 eluded detection until now because it is 10,000 times fainter. Such a strange beast challenges models of galaxy formation and dark matter, the unseen stuff that helps pull galaxies together.

“It’s a very odd object and kind of exciting because we don’t know yet how to interpret all of its properties,” says Andrey Kravtsov of The University of Chicago in Illinois, who was not involved in the work.

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The galaxy was discovered with data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite, a space telescope measuring the motions and properties of more than 1 billion stars in and around the Milky Way. Gabriel Torrealba, an astronomy postdoc at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, decided to sift the data for RR Lyrae stars. These old stars, often found in dwarf galaxies, shine with a throbbing blue light that pulses at a rate signaling their inherent brightness, allowing researchers to pin down their distance.

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“RR Lyrae are so rare at these distances that even if you see two, you question why they are together,” says Vasily Belokurov, an astronomer at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and a collaborator on the discovery. When the team found three, some 420,000 light-years away, it was “an overwhelming signal” of a large cluster of stars in that location, Belokurov says. But because the RR Lyrae stars lie on the far side of the disk of the Milky Way and its obstructing veil of stars and gas, finding their companions was not easy.

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Gaia data helped...
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